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Gardening In January

Gardening in January

Gardening in January is actually an enlightenment as to where those pesky weeds were hiding in the summer months.

Once the shrubs are stripped bare of their leaves and the herbaceous border has died back, you can literally see the wood for the trees.

I love being able to go through borders and widdle out any unwanted weeds, there’s something very cleansing about the job.

Gardening in January is like having a spring clean of your outdoor space.

There's so many jobs keeping me busy this month. Just because the garden has gone to sleep doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead.

Now is the best time to make plans, sow seeds, repair structures and generally get ready for the coming Spring.

Gardening in January, cut back hellebores

Here are a few jobs I’ll been doing this month.

·         Stripping Ivy off fences, walls and clearing from borders.

·         Sowing pepper, chilli and onion seeds.

·         Raking up any stray leaves to compost.

·         Soil improvement and planting a tired border.

·         Harvesting carrots, parsnips, brussels and cauliflowers

·         Tidying up greenhouses

·         Cleaning used plant pots ready for potting on.

·         Cutting back old Hellebore leaves so new growth can flourish.

·         Putting a plan together and designing a new border.

·         Weeding, digging and covering a new allotment patch with manure.

·         Maintaining and weeding established borders.

·         Pruning climbing roses

·         Ventilating my own greenhouse to stop mildew and mould killing the plants.

·         Designing and planting a wildlife pond

There are many more jobs to be doing, but these are just the ones that I’ve been up to myself or in my client’s gardens.

Gardening in January purple hellebore

Whatever the size or design, gardening in January give you time to give it a good tidy. If you don’t have the time, I still have a few spaces left to help you out.

My one-off garden tidies start from just £40 for 2 hours. Please get in touch for more information.

Gardening in January with Lisa

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