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Best Trees & Shrubs For Your Garden

Rosehips on trees and shrubs

What are the best trees and shrubs for my garden?

Obviously, I get asked this a lot in my job. So I thought I would share some of my favourites below.

We have so much choice here in the UK, sometimes it can feel overwhelming choosing plants, so I'm hoping this will help.

I have chosen my favourites based on year long interest. Every tree and shrub listed here is useful to your garden.

Whether it be trees and shrubs that grow quickly to fill gaps, attracting wildlife, foliage colour, beautiful flowers, highly scented, or a food source these won't let you down.

A border with trees and shrubs


Victoria Plum – Self fertile meaning you don’t need more than one to pollinate. Fruits after 2 years. White blossom April-May

Stella Cherry – Self-fertile. White blossom in spring. Up to 7 years to fruit

Red Devil Apple – Self fertile, beautiful pink/red blossom in Spring. Fruits after 2yrs

Rhus/Sumac – Grows easily and quickly. Almost fern like leaves turn beautiful red in Autumn

Maple – Beautiful trees, quicker growing than the Japanese Acer which are more ornamental and slow growing.

Magnolia – Beautiful flowers in Spring, providing early interest.

Rowan – pretty leaves and then lovely red berries in Autumn, birds love them.

Best Shrubs to bulk out a hedge.

Blackthorn – Great for wildlife, white flowers in spring and also provides sloes in autumn for sloe gin  

Dog Rose – Again great for wildlife, beautiful pink flowers in spring and rosehips in Autumn. Good for rosehip syrup a great source of vitamin C.

Hawthorn – white flowers in spring and red berries in autumn, again great for wildlife

Best Shrubs for borders

Lavatera – Evergreen. Grows quickly, lovely pink flowers in summer.

Hibiscus – Slower growing. Mediterranean looking white, pink or blue flowers in august to October.

Ceanothus – Evergreen. Fast growing with blue flowers in spring

Cistus – Evergreen. Lovely, delicate flowers in white or pink. Blooms only last a day, but the bush will be full of buds and flower for a good month in summer.

Weigela – Deciduous. Flowers late spring/summer with pink flowers. The variegated variety leaves are also pretty for added interest.

Potentilla – Deciduous clump forming shrub. Yellow, red or orange flowers through spring and summer

Philadelphus – Deciduous. Beautiful white flowers spring to summer. Smells like orange blossom and great planted near seating to get the benefits of the scent.

Catkins on trees and shrubs

Every person and garden is different, so if you have a favourite tree or shrub I haven't mentioned feel free to drop it in the comments below with a brief summary of why you love it so much

If you would like a free garden consultation fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you :-)

Lisa's favourite trees and shrubs




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